Ride Out

Go Horse Riding in Ireland and discover the beauty of the Irish countryside when you book a trek in an AIRE Approved Riding Centre. Experience the thrill of a pony lesson and meet new friends. Relax on a beach hack as you listen to the breaking sound of the waves. AIRE centres will vary offering English language classes with riding lessons, specialised cross country riding, equine horsemanship courses, dressage lessons, show jumping and riding holidays. Pony Camps are an option for those long summer holidays, many equestrian centres offer courses during Easter and Christmas breaks. Trekking from point to point is widely available in the west and south of Ireland. Riding Holidays with accommodation are possible by clicking on to the relevant tag.


Horse riding is an excellent form of exercise for all age groups, saddle up and get fit, enjoy the fresh air as you partake in an invigoration sport. The progress you or your child make at horse riding is very much at your own pace. Aire Approved riding schools will take you through the basics from mounting, walking and turning your horse. Trotting, cantering and jumping take a little more time but all possible within a few weeks. AIRE instructors train students using the BHSAI course, traineeships are available on request. Riding coaches are trained to help you achieve your personal goals and work at a different pace for each student. After that, it is simply up to you how far you can go when you saddle up for a fitter future! GET FIT AND GO HORSE-RIDING!